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Arjun Rai

Daragaon, Tadong.

As a teacher of West Point school I noticed that some of the children in our school were clearly malnourished. The mid day meal programme has helped such children a great deal. Now the children are healthy and go to school regularly. 17 Nov 2022
Mainstreaming of Out of School Children > Residential schools

Arpana Darjee


This is the case study of Arpana Darjee, born to Shri Amit Darjee and Smt Bishnu Maya Darjee, residents of Ranipool, East Sikkim. The family belongs to the BPL category and survives on a meager income of Rs. 5000/- per month. They own a kutcha house in which the entire family resides. In the course of interacting with the parents of Arpana Darjee, we were told that the nine months pregnancy period of her mother was uneventful and normal. She was regular with her checkups to the doctor. We were also told tha 09 Jul 2017
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Bikram Bhattarai

Sama lingdum JHS, Sikkim

Master Bikram Bhattarai was born to Shri Narapati Bhattrai and Smt. Januka Bhatarai of Samalingdum Village under Ranka Block in the East District of Sikkim. He is a differently abled child born without forelimbs. In the initial stages, his parents got him enrolled in to a private school in the locality, where his talents and abilities could not be nurtured to the desired extent in the absence of trained expertise in the school. On hearing about Bikrams case, the IE Recourse Person under SSA visited the fam 15 Jan 2017